Tango Loco Lindo: October 23, 2010

Those who attended Isla Del Tango’s three-day workshop in October had a chance to learn from Maestro Eric Jorissen of El Corte. The workshops filled up fast with Malta’s passionate tango students, who are always learning and working hard to take their tango to a new level, as well as visitors from abroad who jumped at the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s foremost tango masters.

Of course it was also a time to meet new faces and make new friends. The continued growth of Malta’s tango scene was apparent on October 23rd 2010 when the workshops closed with a 1930’s-themed milonga, which was a fabulous success.  It was conceptualised by Natalie Debono who brought all the elements together to make it happen. The men wore their finest, including bowler hats, vests, and even pocket watches. The ladies were dolled up in polka dots, pearls, and don’t forget the beautiful vintage hairstyles.

The sequence of events, all organized by Isla Del Tango, was an excellent addition to Malta’s ever-growing tango calendar. I think all of us who attended can say that our boleos and stylings have reached a whole new level thanks to Maestro Eric and our wonderful dance partners.

Thanks again to all that attended and helped to make the workshops and milonga a great success!  Special thank you also goes to the make-up artist Anabel Attard who is very talented and also to Eva Garden make-up.

Be sure to check out the photos on our Facebook group.

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