Welcome to Argentine Tango!

Do You Want To Learn To Dance?

Do You Already Dance and Looking to Learn Something New?

Do you want to meet new people?

Do you want to socialize in a different way?

We invite you to try this fantastic dance. If you give it and yourself the opportunity, tango will enter your soul in a way you won’t regret. It will captivate you and encourage you to master it as one would yoga or a martial art.

Argentine Tango…
is a social dance that originated in Argentina. It has been thrilling dancers since the late 1800s. Tango is not just about dancing.  It is about learning a new kind of movement and a new way to communicate.  Learning to dance tango socially is based on improvisational movement and respecting both your partner and the other dancers on the floor. Learning Tango will help you to reduce stress, improve strength, balance and posture, increase energy, gain confidence and gain body awareness.

Argentine Tango is captivating.  It is not a dance focused solely on the steps, but a dance that takes all parts of you to accomplish, that takes an understanding beyond the physical aspect. It reflects love, joy, regret, loss, anxiety, loneliness, passion, in short: LIFE.

We invite you to start your journey with us so drop us an email on info@isladeltango.com.

Aldo & Natalie
Isla del Tango

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Argentine Tango!

  1. Pam says:

    Do you demonstrate the tango at functions & if so could you please inform me of the charges & the length of time you dance for i.e. 30/45 mins? & is this with your tango band? Personally we love watching, we have been to Argentina & seen the best – wonderful – but I am arranging a dinner in Malta in May & have to work out costings.

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