OCTOBER 2011: Tango Workshops with Maestro Eric Jørissen

20 – 22 October 2011

Tango Workshops with Maestro Eric Jørissen

Isla del Tango would like to present TANGO WORKSHOPS WITH THE MAESTRO between the 20 and 22 October 2011. Maestro Eric Jørissen (El Corte) will be giving 2 double workshops and a special class. Each double workshop will be based on the ‘Outside In’ and ‘Inside Out’ concepts as devised by El Corte School of Argentine Tango in The Netherlands. In the first hour we will receive tuition of how to internalise the material and in the second hour we will be working with externalising and making it ours.


Thursday 20th October

A. 8pm – 10.15: Compact Turns & Weight Change

Friday 21st October

B. 8pm – 10.15: Milonga & Waltz & Dancing to Specials

Saturday 22nd October

C. 11am – noon: Ochos…But Then Different

ALL CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL LEVELS. Venues will be communicated at a later stage.


One Double Workshop (A or B): € 35

One Double Workshop + Ochos…But Then Different class (A or B + C): € 50

Two Double Workshops (A+B): € 65

Two Double Workshops + Ochos…But Then Different class (A+B+C): € 75

Ochos…But Then Different (C): € 20

All the above prices include a themed Milonga on Saturday 23 October from 9pm onwards. More info soon.

Themed Milonga: € 3 for those not taking any workshops.

Booking is open. It would be simpler if you apply in pairs, but we will do our best to match leaders and followers.

For booking and queries: natalie@isladeltango.com

Looking forward to another successful Tango event

Natalie & Aldo xx

more info very soon but in the meantime start looking for potential tango partners…

Eric is the founder of EL CORTE, the famous dance studio in Nijmegen/Netherlands where people from all over the world meet to learn and to dance. Studied dance education at the Rotterdam conservatory.

Has been dancing for 31 years. He began dancing the tango in 1987, inspired by his tango father Pepito Avellaneda. He teaches on a regular basis in Nijmegen, London, Cape Town and NYC. Many other cities are visited on a yearly basis. Eric travels 150 days per year.

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