Tango Week in Malta: 16 – 22 March 2013

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The Sunday 17th March milonga will be hosted by Malta Argentine Tango Association at Hotel Phoenicia.  It will be grand to have the local tango community join in this week of celebrating, tango, dancers and the local community!

DATES: 16 – 22 March 2013

CLASS VENUE:  Hotel San Antonio
WELCOME MILONGA & PRACTICAS:  Hotel San Antonio Hotel & Spa, Triq it-Turisti St Paul’s Bay


Sunday 17th March:  Phoenica Hotel, Floriana – hosted by the Malta Argentine Tango Association and DJed by DJ El Maltes

Tuesday 19th March (public holiday):  Razzett L-Antik, Qormi – hosted by Isla del Tango and DJed by DJ Bugi

Friday 22nd March (farewell milonga):  Villa Brasserie Hotel, Meridien Balluta – hosted by Isla del Tango and DJed by El Doctor

Join Carlos & Debora, Argentine teachers currently residing in Granada and enjoy their teaching style which is loved and enjoyed by those who sampled their classes.  The local Argentine tango dancers are invited to join the UK dancers for a week which promises to be a beautiful one in which friendships are forged in the tango embrace.


DEBORA GODOY and CARLOS GUEVARA are great teachers and they are well-loved by their students for their easy communication and dedication.

Here is some more information about the tango teachers:
Debora and Carlos have been dance partners for 13 years.  They are also choreographers and owners of the dance company SENTIMIENTOS ARGENTINOS (based in Granada).  They have received tuition from great teachers such as Jorge Orcaizaguirre known as “Virulazo”, Carlos Dinzel and Juan Carlos Copes.
For 10 years they have lived and worked in Spain and are owners of  “CHE BUENOS AIRES”, a successful dance hall on the outskirts of Granada.
They have danced professionally in shows all over Spain as well as in Germany, Turkey and UK.  They have appeared on Spain television programmes “Viva la Vida” and “Andalucía Directo”.
Granada is about to hold the 25th International Tango Festival (March) in which Carlos and Debora are important annual participants, dancing to hundreds of visitors who come to the city to take part in the celebrations.
Not content to only teach, they continue their own “learning”, taking classes in classical dance, contemporary, percussion, guitar and music theory.
Moreover, they return to Argentina periodically to dance and learn the most up to date moves, which they then incorporate into their classes in Spain.





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