Otoño de Arrabal Tango Night

Advert Milonga

What a beautiful lovely event it was!!  The ambiance was stunning thanks to the collaboration with Bottegin Palazzo Xara, the music was tops by Gordon Pace and the dancing was lovely by all who participated.  The draw for Argentine wines was a special touch which all enjoyed thanks to P.Cutajar Wines & Spirits.  Many thanks also to Malta Inside Out who does great work and promotion.  Isla del Tango is appreciative of all the effort by a number of people who made the event a successful and stunning one.

These are just some of the comments we received:

“First of all we would like to thank you for an incredibly enjoyable evening that we had last night.   We all (including the children) really enjoyed it immensely.  It was a remarkable event and we look forward to attending similar ones in the future. Please find as promised, the link for the forthcoming MPO Concert of PIazzola’s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.   We are looking forward to the event:  http://www.maltaorchestra.com/events/event/the-four-seasons-of-buenos-aires. Thank you once again.”
“First of all, prosit for yesterday’s event: it was lovely and well organised”

“I’m really sorry I missed the milonga yesterday… It has been reported to me that it was a wonderful milonga…”

“Good day to you both , I will kick off by congratulating you for  such a delightful evening  and an idea that is badly needed from what I have encountered so far.  I gather the idea of all those attractive women sitting  so far out of reach, is an Argentine custom?   The entire event was  gracefully executed and I will do my very best to attend your dance lesson on the 30th. It is now vitally important that I rapidly develop my dancing skills.  Cheers”

* Photo by Angelina Silina

* Photo by Angelina Silina

 Otoño de Arrabal Tango Night

(Meaning: Autumn of the Suburbs.  Also ‘arrabal’ comes from Arabic, the same root as ir-Rabat.)

Enjoy the sounds of Golden Age Argentine Tango brought to us by Tango DJ Gordon Pace Flores (El Profesor) and take pleasure in the interpretation of the music by the tango dancers.

Date: Sunday 20 October 8pm – 11.30pm.  Those present at the milonga between 8pm and 9pm are entitled to a draw for excellent Bodegas Callia Argentine Wines.

Theme:  The colours of autumn.  Wear the colours of autumn and experiment with berries and leaves.  For inspiration CLICK HERE.

Venue:  Bottegin, St. Paul’s Street, Rabat (Sala tal-Każin ta’ San Ġużepp)

Entrance: €5 at the door. The ticket entitles you to a €5 discount on courses & practicas taught by Aldo Calleja in 2013/2014

A fully stocked bar and restaurant will be available. If you wish to reserve your table email info@isladeltango.com or call 79603455.

Isla del Tango (MALTA) wishes to especially thank CORE GREEN ecoFood & ecoEventsBeacon Hearing AidsCallia Wines by P.Cutajar and Bottegin Palazzo Xara, Rabat for their support to organise this event.

P.Cutajar Wines & Spirits

Callia Argentine Wine

Bottegin Palazzo Xara Rabat

Bottegin Palazzo Xara Rabat

Tropical WholefoodsBeacon Digital Hearing Aids

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