Barefoot Milongita

barefoot tango

To celebrate our tango season so far, Isla del Tango would like to invite all for Barefoot Milongita: a sunset relaxed evening at Riviera (Ghajn Tuffieha – Tat-Tarag) beach where we will chat, laugh, enjoy, tango and just be.

Thursday 14th August, 7pm in the inner area of the beach.

Bring drinks and nibbles to share.

Bring a light.

Family & friends welcome.

Tango Music will be available.

* * *
We will be stopping to replenish our energy only to bring you the best when we will resume the tango activities with our regular labs + assisted practicas on Tuesday the 23rd of September 2014 at 8pm until 9.30pm in B’Kara.


Natalie Debono & Aldo Calleja – Isla del Tango Malta.


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