Summer Tango Workshops with Maestro Eric: 22- 26 June 2016


22nd June, Wednesday – Workshop A: Beautification of The Ocho

8pm – 9pm | The Royal Malta Yacht Club

22nd June, Wednesday – The Royal Malta Yacht Club MILONGA.  Enjoy an al Fresco milonga between 9pm – 11.30pm.  Fee for dancers: €5. (free entrance for non-dancers)

23rd June, Thursday:  Tango Duo @ Strada Stretta (free entrance)

8.30pm – 9.30pm  | Strada Stretta (Near Yard 32)

Cristina Vilallonga, singer and songwriter known in France and worldwide as the timeless voice of Gotan Projet, sings with Marisa Mercadé, renowned Argentinian- Parisian bandoneoniste.  Together, with a personnel language, they explore the different colours of classical repertoire. Respecting the style and the nature of this music, rhythmical and rooted but naturally open to other cultures, Vilallonga and Mercadé, suggest the melancholic, unrooted feelings and passion that live in tango – doing it always with a contemporary vision. For this occasion the classical repertoire (Homero Manzi, J.L Borges, A. Troilo, Virgilio y Homero Expósito) adds to the original compositions of Cristina Vilallonga. Tango dancers are welcome however the dancing must be done in a very spontaneous way and adapt to the music (without interference).  The main focus should still remain the musician and singer.

24th June, Friday: Workshop B: Rebondos in Tango & Milonga

8.30pm – 10pm | Numero Dos in Mosta.

25th June, Saturday: Workshop C:  Turning Actions.  Boleo, Saccada & Giro

7.30pm – 9pm | Numero Dos in Mosta followed by MILONGA.

26th June, Sunday: Workshop D: Playful & Elegant Moves

11.30am – 12.30pm | The Royal Malta Yacht Club

Join us for Sunday lunch at The Royal Malta Yacht Club. Book soonest.

Workshop A:  € 18 (1hr)
Workshop B:  € 25 (1.5hr)
Workshop C: € 25  (1.5hr)
Workshop D:  € 18 (1hr)
The Royal Malta Yacht Club Al Fresco Milonga :  € 5
Tango Rookie:  Workshops A + D € 35
Tango Devotee: Workshops B + C € 48
Tango Zealot: Workshops A + B + C + D + milonga € 85



  • You will be possibly happier if you contact a tango dancer to partner you for the classes. If that is not possible, you may apply alone but we can only do our best and not more.
  • Dancers: Should you have any particular movement / technique, quality you wish to work on, email us
  • Dancers not participating in classes are still most welcome to sit and observe.
  • Payment of workshops to be settled before classes.

Reservation & Payment

Get in touch with Natalie Debono & Aldo Calleja on or call 79603455 at your earliest.

Looking forward to all this with all of you.

Aldo Calleja & Natalie Debono / Isla del Tango (MALTA)

Isla del Tango School of Argentine Tango (est 1997)


Proitzer Mühle 2016, Kurs Eric & Ines, Foto Thomas May



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