Learn Tango in Malta!

Isla del Tango has been the tango school of choice for those wishing to seriously take up tango lessons, have taster classes, wanted to prepare a special dance for their wedding, provide an alternative social event for their friends and those wanting to have fun!

Aldo & Natalie - Isla del Tango MALTA

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Private / Group Classes: Aldo Calleja (dancing since 1997, teaching since 2003) assisted by Natalie Debono, offer Argentine tango dancing classes to individuals / couples / small groups in the tango de salon style of dancing.  Our dancing spaces are  either in Qawra or Birkirkara or at a venue of the students choice depending on the convenience of the same student/s.

Have a look at what we have prepared for you:  Tango Lessons/Workshops DIARY. 

Let us know at your earliest if you require more information & for bookings:  info@isladeltango.com or call 79603455.

Let’s Tango!

Aldo Calleja & Natalie Debono / Isla del Tango (MALTA)
Isla del Tango School of Argentine Tango (est 1997)



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Tango Classes 2013

Kindly email info@isladeltango.com or call + 356 79603455 for prices and time slots.

Flora Cascelli upon her completion of the Fundamentals Course (Class July 2014) wrote:

Grazie Natalie e Aldo,

for all your love in teaching Tango, an expression of presence. Thanks to you I could appreciate in a deep way my first Argentine Tango steps and experiment a profound connection with all the class and with my inner self as well. You have guided us to look inside us, to be present, to feel passionate first in our heart and spread love and joy through our steps. You are a powerful couple that can really inspire with your example of respect, harmony and love what really means dance together enjoying the ‘party for two’ (and now with all the beautiful people that I have met for more and more 🙂 )
With love and gratitude
Elisa Camilleri shared this with us (Class July 2014) “Dear Natalie, Was such a lovely experience this weekend.I am sure that you will be seeing much more of us :)”

Stephanie Gaffarena Purkiss & Fabio Mifsud also gave tango a try (Class October 2014) and this is what she had to say “…I would like to take the opportunity to thank both of you for this fantastic journey which both me and Fabio found very interesting and amazing :-)”

This is what Raisa Tarasova had to say after she attended the beginners’ course TANGO 180 (Class March 2013):   “Learning tango with Isla (del Tango) was a splendid experience. The greatest thing, apart from your teaching techniques, was the process of getting familiar with the dance that comes naturally and expresses our true colours. The psychological aspect of the dance was also very important to me: trusting a partner and being united with him was such a wonderful feeling!”

This is what Carmen & Emanuel had to say after they attended the beginners’ course TANGO 180 (Class March 2013):  “We were very much looking  forward to learn tango and doing so with your good selves is a great learning experience.  Your teaching techniques are truly excellent and we felt very much comfortable practising with you.”

5 thoughts on “Learn Tango in Malta!

  1. Leyla Turkay says:

    my daughter (17) and I are coming tomorrow to Malta for 1 week and wish to take some tango lessons (beginner & advanced). We have booked a hotel at Paradise Bay. Where would you advice us to go to have lessons and how much would they cost?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


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