Tango Workshops with Eric Jørissen in Malta: 19 – 23 of May 2018


We are very happy to have Maestro Eric Jørissen teaching tango in Malta as he is one of the most popular and inspiring teachers of tango.  He is the founder of El Corte, the tango mecca of Europe, and draws a constant stream of international tangueros to its workshops and marathons.  Eric’s creative energy permeates his dance and his teaching.  His workshops are novel, insightful and delightfully fun. He appeals to all levels and his workshops are not to be missed!

Workshop Material: 

Maestro Eric Jeurissen will be taking the classes forward to focus on movements instead of steps.  The four foci are:

Clarity – Flow – Elegance – Musicality

A group of 4 classes will be offered and they are targeted towards dancers who have an intermediate level of dancing, are well versed in basics and are committed to take their tango to another level.



Friday 18th May at 8.30pm

Milonga organised by Malta Argentine Tango Association at Maori in Valletta.


Saturday 19th May at 8pm – Numero Dos in Mosta

Workshop A: Upping the Sensitivity for Smoother Tangos; Transmission and Reception of Lead Using a Repertoire of Core Movements

Followed by a Milonga organised by Nathalie Mifsud starting at 9.30pm.  DJ Dominic Mintoff TBC.


Sunday 20th May at 8pm – Bottegin Palazzo Xara in Rabat

Workshop B: Back Sacadas for the leader and follower

Followed  by a Milonga organised by Isla del Tango starting at 9.30pm  GUEST DJ El Gato Negro from Germany.


Monday 21st of May at 8pm – Top Floor, 31, Calleja Ltd, Bishop Labini Street, Birkirkara

Workshop C: Small steps in Vals and Turns for the Leader and Pivoted Movements for the Follower


Tuesday 22nd May at 8pm – Venue TBA

Workshop D: Adorn and Embellish – His & Hers




Workshop A and Workshop D:  € 20 each

Workshop B and Workshop C: € 25 each

Special Milonga on Sunday 20th May: €5



OPTION 1: Workshop A + Workshop D:  € 38

OPTION 2: Workshop B + Workshop C: €48

OPTION 3: Workshop A or D + B or C: €43

OPTION 4: Workshop A or D + B + C: €67

OPTION 5: Workshop A + D, B or C: €62

OPTION 6: Package for ALL 4 workshops: €85 (+ free special milonga)



Workshops by Maestro Eric Jeurissen.

It will be best if you apply with partner of your choice.  Really. if not possible, contact us and we will do our best to pair up.

FREE Special Milonga on Sunday 20th May for those reserving their spot for minimum 3 lessons.

Payments for the course will be made by cheque or cash on the first class you attend.

For any queries, kindly contact info@isladeltango.com or call +356 79603455



Reservation & Payment

Get in touch with Natalie Debono & Aldo Calleja on info@isladeltango.com or call 79603455 at your earliest.

Looking forward to all this with all of you.

Aldo Calleja & Natalie Debono / Isla del Tango (MALTA)

Isla del Tango School of Argentine Tango (est 1997)




The Maestro’ workshop in Malta – October 2014.


The Maestro’ workshop in Malta.


Students awaiting Maestro Eric’s Class in El Corte Nijmegen – November 2014. We’re lucky to have him teaching in Malta!


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