*This short course is intended for dancers who had previous tango lessons and wish to revisit the basics.  

*This is also intended for those who really want to explore tango 180 deg by learning the ‘other’ role.  Nothing will improve tango faster than learning the mirror moves.  

The course will be taught by Aldo Calleja, assisted by Natalie Debono.

 “Tango is about the road, not the destination” Anon

good few friends asked what was the thing that stuck you most when you were at the Argentine milongas in Buenos Aires?  I answered quickly and surely ‘Simplicity’.  The old-timers, the genuine article milongueros danced simply…and beautifully.  Every step was on time.  So elegant.  Flowing. So connected with ground, partner and music.

We will be revisiting the fundamentals over 3 sessions.  The building blocks of tango.  Those steps that channel the here-and-now slap bang into the present. 

Should you want to join us, let us know at your earliest.


Session 1&2:  Saturday  23rd February: 2pm – 4pm OR 

Wednesday 27th February: 6pm – 8pm

Session 2 &3:  Saturday 2nd March:  11am – 1pm

Session 3&4:  Saturday 2nd March: 2pm – 4pm

+ free practica

Price:  35 euro

Place:  Calleja Buildings, B’Kara

Feel free to ask for more info.

For the love of tango…

Natalie & Aldo / Isla del Tango
Isla del Tango: Celebrating 15 years of Argentine Tango in Malta

Fiesta de Quince: a glimpse of the celebratory milonga commemorating the start and the development of the tango movement in Malta.



Event concept and management by Natalie Debono for Isla del Tango (MALTA)

Venue:  Palazzo de Piro, Mdina (event manager – Vanille Simeon)

Date:  Saturday 27 October 2012

Guest of Honour:  Maestro Eric Jørissen (El Corte)

Singers:  Deborah Harrison who also premiered her tango nuevo ‘La Farfalla’ and Laura Best.

Photography:  Raisa Tarasova

Sponsors:  Organic Colouring System, Perfect Look Beauty Salon Mellieha, Verve Boutique Naxxar

Poster: Blushline Creative Solutions

“Dear Natalie, we still often think of the beautiful hours at Palazzo de Piro. It was like a dream! Tango dancing in a great palace, birthday party with a delicious cake, the jazzy voices and, and . . .You and all the co-organizisers again many, many thanks. My husband took some photos. We will surely meet us again next year, with tango shoes on our feet. Warm greetings from cold Germany”. Ursula

“First of all, it was a lovely sparkling evening, the venue was excellent!!!! Well done!!!!!!!!  In fact it was a breath of fresh air to have an occasion where one can dress up to a classy occasion.  I believe it was very, very well organised, we found our table immediately and for the amount we paid, it was excellent. I wish to congratulate you and Aldo for organising this lovely event!!!!!!!”  Irene