UNO Tango programme…15 years down the La Ronda

 UNO Tango programme…15 years down the La Ronda *

Teacher:  Maestro Eric Jørisson of El Corte

Milonga por Dos:  Sunday 17 June 2012 – An afternoon milonga at Villa Madama in Balzan. Dance in the balmy afternoon interspersed with breaks sipping long drinks in the garden.  Think flow, think easy, think calm.  Proceeds go to INSPIRE foundation which offers therapies and programmes for children with special needs.  The music will be beautifully prepared by Sabor Porteño.

4pm – 8pm

A – THREE point structures:  Sunday 17 June 2012

Venue:  Villa Madama, Balzan – 8pm – 9pm

B – THREE free leg actions: Sunday 17 June 2012

Venue:  Villa Madama, Balzan – 9pm – 10pm

C – FOUR time beats:  Monday 18 June 2012 – PLACE FOR 3 COUPLES

Venue:  Villa Madama, Balzan – 8pm – 10pm


D – FOURward actions in tango and waltz: Tuesday 19 June 2012 – PLACE FOR 2 COUPLES

Venue:  Villa Madama, Balzan – 8pm – 10pm


Closing Milonga:  Wednesday 20 June 2012 8pm onwards.  Practice all that you have learnt and more to the tango music of Music will be prepared by Sabor Porteño. Proceeds go to INSPIRE foundation which offers therapies and programmes for children with special needs. Venue:  Villa Madama, Balzan

A and C workshops are mostly geared  for people who have been dancing for one year or less, those who want to brush technique and those who want to soak up Eric’s unique way of teaching tango.

B and D workshops are geared for dancers who have a good grasp of technique, have some experience of the waltz rhythm and want to take it forward and deeper.


Workshop A:  €16

Workshop B:   €16

Workshop C:  €32

Workshop D:   €32

Workshops A + C:  €48

Workshops B + D:  €48

Package of 4 workshops: €90

Milongas: 5 minimum – All proceeds to go to INSPIRE – a voluntary organisation that helps over 1000 disabled children & adults to achieve a more integrated way of living by offering numerous therapy programmes.

This will be Aldo & Natalie’s first fund-raising efforts towards INSPIRE which will culminate in the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage between the 18th and 25th of September 2012.

For info & queries:

* This year we celebrate the 15th year of Argentine Tango in Malta.

Colores del Tango & Arte Pasión

Can you afford to miss the most colourful experience of 2012?

Colores del Tango is a spectacle of high quality dance show accompanied by the Beltango Orchestra, one of the most well-known tango orchestras in Europe. The performances will be held at the Teatru Manoel in Valletta
on the 25th and 26th of February, 2012.

As an additional thrill to the program, ticket holders for both Colores del Tango performances are invited to a complimentary drink at Casino Maltese on Saturday. A bar service and food will also be available. This Arte Pasión Gala Evening & Milonga will also be accessible to people who are looking for an alternative evening of quality entertainment, so separate tickets will be available. 

Food tickets are available for €15.  Entrance tickets are also available for €15.  Contact us on for reservations or call Janice on 23335000.

For updates kindly check the Colores del Tango website .

Discount tickets for Colores del Tango Performances

 Colores del Tango Performances

* International tango show dancers & quintet *

25th & 26th February 2012 @ 7.30pm (1.5hr)

Booking is open at the Manoel Theatre.

Tickets are available for the following official prices: € 25 – € 20 – €15


The organiser of this event is offering Isla del Tango students & friends discounted tickets (15%).

 The discounted tickets can be bought for

€21.75 (instead of €25)

€17 (instead of €20)

€12.75 (instead of €15)

 This promises to be high quality entertainment and a wonderful opportunity which should not be missed by anyone!  Get in touch with your friends NOW and get organised, buy a ticket as a surprise to your loved one, entice family to join you for an evening of pleasure.

Offer available to those who book their tickets until Saturday 28th of January 2012 by contacting Natalie Debono now on


Isla del Tango is happy to support this great event in collaboration with and for all the local tango community.

It would be mostly appreciated if you can confirm your attendance by Wednesday the 28th December since there is some organising to be done. As most of you may know St Augustine Hall requires a more festive atmosphere than it is at present so should any of you be willing to lend me some Christmas decorations kindly let me know so that I can arrange for collection.  On the Thursday 29th December I would also like to have some of you lending us a helping hand to set up the venue. Kindly contact me or my helping hands on Edward Smith on 79498174 or Caroline Borg on 99493700 or  Nathalie Mifsud on 79287755  or  Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

 Edward Smith