Practising Tango Explained

Daniel Goleman writes:

Hours and hours of practice are necessary for great performance, but not sufficient. How experts in any domain pay attention while practicing makes a crucial difference. For instance, in his much-cited study of violinists – the one that showed the top tier had practiced more than 10,000 hours – Ericsson found the experts did so with full concentration on improving a particular aspect of their performance that a master teacher identified.

Illustration by Maurice Sendak from Ruth Krauss's Open House for Butterflies

Illustration by Maurice Sendak from Ruth Krauss’s Open House for Butterflies

Goleman identifies a second necessary element: a feedback loop that allows you to spot errors as they occur and correct them. He writes:

Ideally that feedback comes from someone with an expert eye and so every world-class sports champion has a coach.

If you practice without such feedback, you don’t get to the top ranks.The feedback matters and the concentration does, too – not just the hours.

Assisted Practica TANGO (& Tea) Session

Tuesday 25th February 2014 between 8pm and 9.30pm in 31, Bishop Labini Street, B’Kara.  Please reserve your place by emailing

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