Tango Thursdays @ Medasia Playa

Medasia Playa Sliema

Medasia & Isla del Tango Malta collaborated to host 3 Tango Thursdays, an evening of Argentine tango in a superb location, right by the water’s edge.  A chic and mellow ambiance was created, the food and drink offered were of excellent quality.  The dancing was sweet with the help of the local and visiting tangueros/as and our 3 local tango DJs:  Abby Hoffman, David Bugeja and Matteo Lamanna.

Medasia0Medasia0a Medasia4Medasia0b Medasia1 Medasia2 Medasia3

Interested in learning Argentine Tango? Email: info@isladeltango for info.

“Dance Me To The End Of LOVE”

Tango Thursdays with Isla del Tango Malta

Tango Maestro Eric Jørissen in Malta: June 2014

We are looking forward for Maestro Eric’s workshops on the 21, 22 and 24 of June 2014.  Besides being Isla del Tango’s mentor, his explanation, delivery and technique are second to none.  His infectious way of living tango will get you hooked 😉

Email info@isladeltango.com or call +356 79603455 soonest.

About Eric Jørissen

If Argentine Tango sounds like double Dutch to you, try Eric Jorissen. With a degree in dance pedagogy and 40 years of dancing of which 33 years teaching, and 27 years tango (updated info 24.06.2014), the Dutchman is the perfect person to get anybody onto the dance floor in no time.

Among the world’s tango dancers, Eric stands out with an approach to tango that emphasizes both authenticity and uniqueness. He is the ambassador of a tango that is truly Argentinian, and yet much more – a tango that speaks to dancers all over the world with its fresh, cheerful and warm approach, emphasizing the connection within the couple.

Many tango aficionados contend that only Buenos Aires, the city in whose underbelly tango was born in the late 19th century, has genuine Argentine tango. Yet with his dance centre El Corte in Nijmegen, Eric Jorissen has created what is probably the world’s most famous tango mecca outside of Argentina, a dancer’s paradise where only sleep comes in short supply amid long days and nights of tango.

Maestro Eric when not on the dancefloor :)

Maestro Eric when not on the dancefloor 🙂

Trio Tango Sonos + Victoria Arenillas & Leonardo Elias (Amartango): Saturday 30th November 2013 – MITP, Valletta

Amartango & Tango Sonos Malta 2013 Amartango

Tango SonosNatalie and Aldo 20i33


Sent as a gift by the Embassy of Argentina in Rome to the Maltese public a live trio Tango Sonos and a performing couple Amartango at MITP Theatre, St Christopher Street, Valletta.

Isla del Tango students together with students from different local tango organisations, enjoyed the music by Tango Sonos, the performance by Amartango and danced at the milonga organised by DJ Nathalie.  It was an excellent tango evening.  Abrazos.

Video & Photos Credit:  Tanguera Angelina Silina


I have just heard some amazing news!! 

As a tango dancer the news excites me to new heights, as a lover of the arts the news intrigues me and as a social animal the news revs me up completely. 

I am promised class, style and sophistication.  I am guaranteed a super duper affair.  It is still under wraps as the organiser needs some finalisations but I was told to keep the weekend of Saturday the 25th of February 2012 free.  I have already noted it in my new 2012 diary in bold letters:).

I suggest you do the same 😉

Fingers crossed for more news soon!!

OCTOBER 2011: Tango Workshops with Maestro Eric Jørissen

20 – 22 October 2011

Tango Workshops with Maestro Eric Jørissen

Isla del Tango would like to present TANGO WORKSHOPS WITH THE MAESTRO between the 20 and 22 October 2011. Maestro Eric Jørissen (El Corte) will be giving 2 double workshops and a special class. Each double workshop will be based on the ‘Outside In’ and ‘Inside Out’ concepts as devised by El Corte School of Argentine Tango in The Netherlands. In the first hour we will receive tuition of how to internalise the material and in the second hour we will be working with externalising and making it ours.


Thursday 20th October

A. 8pm – 10.15: Compact Turns & Weight Change

Friday 21st October

B. 8pm – 10.15: Milonga & Waltz & Dancing to Specials

Saturday 22nd October

C. 11am – noon: Ochos…But Then Different

ALL CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL LEVELS. Venues will be communicated at a later stage.


One Double Workshop (A or B): € 35

One Double Workshop + Ochos…But Then Different class (A or B + C): € 50

Two Double Workshops (A+B): € 65

Two Double Workshops + Ochos…But Then Different class (A+B+C): € 75

Ochos…But Then Different (C): € 20

All the above prices include a themed Milonga on Saturday 23 October from 9pm onwards. More info soon.

Themed Milonga: € 3 for those not taking any workshops.

Booking is open. It would be simpler if you apply in pairs, but we will do our best to match leaders and followers.

For booking and queries: natalie@isladeltango.com

Looking forward to another successful Tango event

Natalie & Aldo xx

more info very soon but in the meantime start looking for potential tango partners…

Eric is the founder of EL CORTE, the famous dance studio in Nijmegen/Netherlands where people from all over the world meet to learn and to dance. Studied dance education at the Rotterdam conservatory.

Has been dancing for 31 years. He began dancing the tango in 1987, inspired by his tango father Pepito Avellaneda. He teaches on a regular basis in Nijmegen, London, Cape Town and NYC. Many other cities are visited on a yearly basis. Eric travels 150 days per year.