Tango Wedding Dance Malta


What makes ARGENTINE TANGO the ultimate Wedding Dance?

As you embark on your lifetime journey as a couple, you enter into a beautiful “dance” between two partners who are committed to making their life as graceful and as beautiful as possible. Doesn’t that sound  just like Tango?

Tango is a lovely metaphor for a relationship built on LOVE, PASSION, COMMITMENT to one another and to your life together. This unique dance will help you develop skills of lead-and-follow, deep listening and responding in a way that makes every step look effortless and graceful. What better way to start your life together than to learn a relationship dance and have it be a part of your wedding day celebration.

Let us create a simple yet stunning choreography that will be easy to learn and fun to perform.  It will surely impress and surprise your guests! We will assist you in picking out a perfect piece of music and create a lovely Tango that will impress your guests and make your First Dance a dance to remember forever. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

  • You may choose one of our beginner’s courses so you have the basics and then we can build on that.
  • Otherwise we can offer you a package of private lessons to learn a simple, yet elegant choreography.  The dates and times will accommodate the couple.
  • If you only have a couple of hours available, we will help with a simple intimate dance and add some gorgeous tango elements to enhance and increase the aesthetic of the dance.

For more information email Aldo Calleja & Natalie Debono on info@isladeltango.com or call us on +356 79603455.


It was also a pleasure to take Piotr Zajaczkowki and Gosia Pietrzyk on their tango journey towards a fantastic choreography for their wedding day in which they wanted to surprise their guests.  This is what Piotr had to say “I would frankly recommend the school from 2 simple reasons. 1. Teachers are fantastic! Friendly and passionate about tango. Very easy-going and fun. Flexible with the schedule. One picks up the steps very quickly.  2. The atmosphere! Spacious room with excellent dancefloor. Good music. You can feel the spirit of tango in the air. Once being there, your legs start moving themselves. Friendly and passionate students around.”

This is what Olga & Marcelo had to say about the preparation for their tango wedding dance (March 2015): We took classes with Natalie and Aldo to learn a tango dance for our wedding. We expected to learn a tango dance choreography, but instead, we were pleasantly surprised that we truly learned how to tango. Natalie and Aldo are great teachers who took us from complete zero to being able to tango comfortably and even throw in some fancy moves in just 10 classes. More importantly, we looked forward to every class and really enjoyed our time. Thanks to Natalie and Aldo we know we will be dancing tango for many years to come!

This is what Marion had to say about her daughter’s September 2014 wedding :  Elisa & Mark’s wedding was fantastic and thanks to both of you they surprised everybody with their tango performance.

This is what Maxine  & Jean had to say after the choreography for their June 2013 wedding:  “Hi Nat and Aldo.  Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.  The tango was a huge success! Everybody was in awe! They couldn’t believe we took the trouble to take tango classes just for our wedding and also admired us for having the guts to dance it in front of so many people.  It was truly the highlight of the day and for me it made our big day all the more special.  Thanks again for introducing us to the tango and for your dedication over the past few months”

Piotr & Gosia dancing a tango taught by Isla del Tango for their wedding (2015).

Piotr & Gosia dancing a tango taught by Isla del Tango for their wedding (2015).

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